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OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm



Hi, and thank you for choosing
Antonio’s today!

   Things are going really great right now. Katherine is home from Bryant University, so now our family is completely at home again. There’s also one more person to help complain to my wife of how there’s nothing to eat at our house. I don’t really understand why I am exempt from this complaint, but, hey I’ll take the small win! ?
     Tommy just got “out” in Simsbury Water Wars. This is the annual game played by Simsbury High School Seniors. I’m proud that he got within the top 20 finalist and am sure this will be a great resume builder for him for many years.
     We have started to heckle our youngest, Johnny about what he would like to do after high school as he is a graduating Junior at SHS. I must admit I’m kind of psyched his first choice is UConn. Of course, in all fairness, only minimal research has been done; and this could easily change 5 or 85 times in the coming year.
     Here with the restaurant family, things are pretty great in and of themselves. We’ve got a great staff family, where we take care of each other and work hard to succeed in what is actually a hard profession. I’m very proud to be a part of this particular team. Thank you to everyone that is an integral part of the magic!
     Speaking of magic; we’re still proud to host David Reed-Brown. Celebrating 10 years of being our house magician every Friday Night. Thanks David!
     One more very important fact that I wanted to mention this week, is that I just found out that eating pizza helps you live longer, prevents heart disease, cancer and even Alzheimer’s. The tomato sauce is loaded with one of Mother Nature’s most potent disease-fighting compounds, lycopene, along with a healthy dose of Vitamin C. Studies show this combination can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.
    And don’t forget the basil! It’s overflowing with nutrients renowned for their ability to deactivate cancer causing substances that sneak into your body from pesticides, pollution and other threats in our environment. Want to be healthier? Obviously, eat more pizza!
     Well, that’s about it for this week, but as always; thanks for being here, you make this all possible!

Sincerely, Steven, and all of us here at Antonio’s

join us at ISCC this week!

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