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OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm

OPEN 7 DAYS! Monday through Sunday | 11:30 am to 9:00 pm



Hi, and thank you for choosing Antonio’s today!
Well, it would seem that Summer has officially arrived. The sheep are shorn, the pool cover is off and the roller coaster appears to be ready for action. The roller coaster in our back yard is a 1953 Allan Herschel, Little Dipper. It came from the Maine State Fairgrounds, but is the exact same ride I grew up riding at Riverside Park; (now known as Six Flags).
     Auctions are prevalent in the restaurant industry and at a young age, I found out that these same auctioneers had auctions for the amusement industry. Many years ago, I began placing very low bids on various rides for fun. My wife was fully aware of this quirk of mine, but before we married, she made me promise I would stop. I agreed, but to both of our surprise, I was the winning bid in a silent “mail-in” bid I’d sent months before “the agreement”. Regardless, it has provided decades of enjoyment for many and I am so appreciative of my wife and the opportunity.
     In other “near-summer” news. I am so proud that our oldest daughter Katherine is back from Bryant for the summer and has become a waitress here at Antonio’s. My wife, Lisa, made a comment the other day that it was a promotion she was never offered when she worked here as a busser. Obviously, there’s a bit of envy mixed in with her pride. We’re still negotiating summer plans with our two sons. ;)
     Well, that’s about it for this week, but before I “fare thee well”; I’d like to personally thank you for choosing to spend your time and hard-earned money here at our neighborhood restaurant. We try and support as many local farms and purveyors as we can, and we appreciate you supporting us. Thank you for turning my dream into a reality!

Steven, and all of us here at Antonio’s


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